About Hawaiian Fresh Farms
Hawaiian Fresh Farms is inspired by time-tested techniques passed from generation to generation. We focus on bridging the past to the present by using bio-intensive relay cropping, permaculture and agroforestry. This allows us to achieve results that aren’t possible with conventional farming methods.
We also strive to adopt the most sustainable practices from around the world to deliver the freshest food from our land to your hand.


We believe in sustainability and reverence for the land, and we use recycled materials, green energy and organic farming techniques to yield greater results with less physical labor. Hawaiian Fresh Farms grew from an idea to a life-style to a business dedicated to offering the freshest, most sustainable food.


Communities in Hawaii formed around the principles of malama (stewardship) and pono (balance), developing tracts of land into ahupua‘a — a bountiful and lush cornerstone of the Hawaiian society.

Rain falls upon leaves, collects into pools, flows down a mountain, quenching the thirst of plants and animals along the way. On higher ground, rain-fed plants such as sweet potatoes, yams, and ulu (breadfruit) grow, with plants requiring lavish amounts of water such as kalo (taro) grown further downstream on flatter land where the water can take its time. This is a natural process observed over time, then reproduced and refined by native Hawaiians, allowing their society to grow and sustain over 300,000 inhabitants for over ten centuries.

Hawaiian Fresh Farms takes deep inspiration from the practices of the native Hawaiian people and continually strives to work with nature to provide the most sustainable and organic food possible from the aina (land).


Plants and animals thrived for millions of years before humans began to change the landscape. Rainfall nourishes flora and fauna alike; sun feeds the plants; plants feed the animals; and the animals fertilize the plants. Every minute of every day, Hawaiian Fresh Farms aims to create the best conditions for this natural and sustainable process to occur through the use of diverse agriculture, organic landscape patterns, and healthy animals.

For more information about us, or to book your event, please call us at (808) 321 1567,
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